Friday, March 11, 2011

Person Accurately Predicts Japan Earthquake on a Forum!

This is a very compelling example of a precognitive dream. You may want to read my abstract to find more info on precognition: Precognitive Dream Abstract


Precognitive Example

“Last night, I had a brief dream in which I saw a map of the USGS world view (which I do check on and off)

On it I saw a LARGE RED sqaure surrounded by many other smaller squares just of the east coast of Japan. The thing was this square was much larger than the normal size square USGS put up for a 7+”

If you follow the link and read the post you will see the time stamp. What makes this really compelling is it accurately predicts the magnitude, location and details of the Japan earthquake a Month before it happens.

This is yet another classic example of precognitive dreams in my opinion.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Updated Revised Abstract

I have revised the abstract related to precognitive dreams. There is more context and other articles of interest; also the writing style has improved to try to build a stronger case for the nature of precognitive dreams.

Enjoy the new version and any feedback is welcomed!



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Déjà Vu or Déjà Rêvé?

Here is an abstract that I have written on “Déjà Vu or Déjà Rêvé?”



This paper examines the very real phenomena of Déjà Vu and how it connects to an even more profound subtype known as Déjà Rêvé. Déjà vu is French for “Already Seen” and Déjà Rêvé is French for “Already Dreamed”. Often people who experience Déjà Vu link the origin of the familiar memory to something they have dreamed days, weeks, months and even years before they experienced “Déjà Vu”. Déjà Rêvé suggests that dreams have a direct and relative relationship with physical reality. If so, then understanding and exploring this is critical to science and critical to understanding the origins of “reality”.

Feel free to comment on this abstract.

Happy Dreaming!

Ian Wilson