Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Continuing Saga of Winning at the Casino with the Law-of-Attraction

Well, had to treat myself to dinner right.  A nice win, went and payed my bills then tucked away the rest.  Had a few people being negative about this blog and the LOA so I got a little cocky and decided to violate my frequency rule.  Took $100 out of my top as I didn't fractionalize with my system and decided to see if I could keep the hot-streak rolling.

Managed to get a nice little win, so set $150 of it aside as per my tuck-away rule.  Then decided to just go for it on the last $100 with bigger bets and voila on the 5th spin another $1000 win.  So... took the money and ran.  Based on my system this is where frequency becomes important.  I'm just going to relax, enjoy the money and take a break.

To you who said you just wave your magic little wand... still want to reconsider?

To read about the system and see why I believe law-of-attraction is helping, here's the full story.

To read about today's fun success:

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