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Winning at the Casino with the Law of Attraction

Up to a year ago, I can honestly say that I never won anything over $150 at the casino. I had been to Vegas twice and both times it emptied out my pockets faster than plate of hotdogs at an eating contest. I was at the point where I was going to give up on trying to win anything. I had played on and off for years with some hope that I could one day hit a jackpot or just know what it was like to actually have some tangible win.

Before I completely gave up however, I thought maybe it's also my attitude. I couldn't count the times that I would go, sit at a machine and someone next to me would have a nice win. I knew winning at least something over $150 was possible but I didn't understand why that wasn't me sitting at that machine having more fun. So I turned to thought-manifestation as my course of action using the Law of Attraction.

Instead of just going and loosing as per normal; the first change that I made was simple, I sat down and closed my eyes. I thought, “I am allowing myself to win at the casino. I want to know what it's like to win a $600 or greater. I would like to experience being a winner.” and I would mentally visualize a machine giving me a payout and I let go of this thought.

Well, for the first time in December 2013 right before Christmas, I won $1,200 and it paid for my Christmas that year. I was elated, the money I wasted in Vegas I finally won back. I couldn't believe it because for over 5 years of losses and minimal gains the Casino finally gave me a taste of what it was like to win at least something. Unfortunately, no picture of this win but when I started to win in 2014 it was absolutely outstanding so when I could remember I would take a picture or video. I've never experienced anything like this. These types of wins started to rain in like mana from heaven compared to all previous years. What changed wasn't my playstyle, it wasn't the amount of money I took for my bank roll... it was my attitude and the Law of Attraction.
Statistically comparing 2014 to all combined years of playing I've never seen anything like it. Keep in mind, my bankroll ranges from $20 to $50 when I go. I've made a couple mistakes at the Casino lost $600 at Vegas, one night when I was on budget bumped into a friend so we started to have a race to the bottom and instead of my bankroll I lost $400 on reckless playing so school of hard knocks lessons learned and made me stick to my simple system. The good news is that these losses have long since been recovered plus more after using the law of attraction.

Let's look at the results

Here are some samples as I did not take pictures of all of the wins, but most of them so from nothing up to 2014 to these results... they speak for themselves. And I'll add in all the tips and strategies at the end of the images.

Screen shot for TimeStamps on Images

I pulled the images off my phone so you could see the time stamps all in 2014.

February 22, 2014

This was a really fun win mostly because it was a $20 bankroll that I managed to win some start-up money on the penny machines which then grew into a this pot, so payout of $985.50 with a take-home of $965.50. I was quite happy about this one.

February 28, 2014

I waited almost a week from the first win and took in $50 and won $817 so took home $767.

March 19, 2014 - The Money Tree $2720.00

My Birthday was on March 15th, but my birthday present came a few days later. I didn't have my phone so I had to count it out and take a picture for prosperity. This was another win on a $50 bankroll so $2670, it was a very quick in and out because I hit the jackpot just as the attendant walked over and greeted me then bang, right in front of her it hits. I cashed out, ran out and took some time away from the casino to enjoy the winnings.

May 15, 2014

This was another really good example of taking in $20 where I first started on a penny machine to see if I could get some play money, then took the play money to this machine and won $1526.25 less $20 so $1506.25 take home. That strategy is covered below.

July 20, 2014

My brother-in-law wanted to try my system with me so we went with $40 each and I don't know if it's having someone else's energy there but if I go with other people... I loose. So I tend to like to go by myself and I'll explain that also why I think that is. So we go to the casino and each of us loose. I had $20 left in my budget that I was willing to spend so went back later that evening by myself on $20. I manage to get my start-up and walked over to this machine to see if that would grow and viola. $1204 less $100 was a nice $1104 take home. I gave my brother-in-law and sister $300 because I'm a nice guy and he couldn't believe it.

December 20, 2014

There were some more wins between July and December, I didn't take pictures as they were mid-range wins, and there were also losses. Christmas shopping had me tapped but I had some extra money after all the xmas shopping and wanted to try an experiment linked again to a request I made using thought-manifestation and the law of attraction. To make it work, I had to bump my budget so I took in $200, but I had a very good feeling about it. I also changed my max bet amount which on a dollar machine is $5. I just wanted to see if I could make a bigger bet, if it would pay and as luck or LOA would have it... won my single largest amount to date. $2,795 - $200 = $2,595 and this December was really amazing I had some more wins.

December 22, 2014

Now that I had that nice Xmas present, I took $50 from the winnings and played on this machine by the time I was down $25 hit the bonus and had a $1591 win with $25 in the machine so $1,566 take home.

As you can see... for years I couldn't win a damn thing but with a change of attitude, using the law-of-attraction and sticking to a very strict playing system I've finally had some fun at the wretched Casino. Now I know what it feels like to be a winner. I can sleep better knowing that it wasn't that I couldn't win rather my attitude was not letting me win.

Most people don't understand thought-manifestation nor do they believe that the law-of-attraction works. It's something you need to see to believe. If you can produce results with it and see it working then it certainly becomes more believable. As in this case with the frequency of these wins in 2014 vs all other years. If it did anything, it seemed to affect the probability of winning to be more favourable then how it was prior to this experiment.

One thing is certain, it doesn't mean you magically win all the time. What I am pointing out is that up until this point in my usual casino routine I never saw these types of wins. The goal of having more tangible wins is noted in the results.

Before I cover the Law-of-Attraction angle, I do have a strict system that I've used to moderate my spending at the casino. I'll cover that system first as I think it's very common-sense and practical if you want to test your luck at one-armed bandits. As per my lessons learned with a couple of large sums lost totalling $1,000. It doesn't matter what you walk in with. If you are going to lose, you'll lose it all so this is why the system is better than nothing at all. It minimizes losses and maximizes gain as a philosophy. I've stuck to this for years and when I stray, I pay.

My Casino System

Small Budget

The most important thing is budget. My budget fluctuates from $20 to $50 before I walk out of the casino. Live by that budget or don't play. It's not worth risking anything more in my opinion.

Low Frequency

The next important thing is frequency. Less is best! The less you go to a Casino, the better. My budget allows that I can afford to loose up to $50 a paycheck if things are not working out, but I don't like to loose any more than that. The frequency must fit your budget, excess frequency equals greater spending and larger losses, not bigger wins.

Play on Startup

Why this small budget system works for me is the first goal has always been to win small so I can play on that start-up money to win big. It is this strategy that has allowed a $20 budget to bloom to over $1,000.

The idea of the start-up is that you want to win some play-money at the casino first. This can let you tuck away your bankroll and try to grow on Casino money, not your own. Quite often I'll walk into a casino, say hi to the doorman and in a five minutes I am walking back saying goodbye and they always comment about how quick that was. That happens when I loose $20 with no hint of a win. If it's 10 minutes I probably was on my $50 bankroll and didn't hit my brake.

The start-up part of my strategy comes from years of loosing learning it doesn't matter what your budget is. If you play on your money, you'll lose your money. It's a casino right?

Don't Spend Your Bankroll

The idea of the start-up is to exceed by either doubling or greater the bankroll. If you succeed don't ever spend the bankroll to minimize loses and maximize gains. Again, common-sense and it's always nice to leave with the money you came in with if you gamble.

Fractionalize The Start-up

Just because you have some start-up casino money doesn't mean it should all be spent. On low amounts it's understandable I don't cry if I double my bankroll and then walk out with just the bankroll. If you have more than doubled your bankroll, it doesn't make sense to try to loose it all to see if something bigger comes that day. The start-up strategy can give you some play-money but the casino is very adept at taking all that back so knowing that makes this strategy effective in maximizing gains even if they are only +$20.

It's easy to play on casino money and forget it's now your money so this is a lesson learned in my earlier years where I would win $100 just to throw it all back in trying to win more. A very poor strategy indeed. Take some home is rewarding.

On moderate wins over $200 or $300 on the start-up run... it's safer to take a fraction of that amount that to play ( I range from 10%-20% ) and keep the majority of it to enjoy. But it does let me take my bankroll from that winning and try again. Why it's worth having a limit always is common-sense but with taking a fraction, I've grown little wins to where the end of the night I've walked out with $1,400 in small wins. So it can grow.

Tuck away the little wins

If you are having a good run, and the start-up money is producing more little wins, keep the fractionalized 10%-20% rule on the next win, set aside the majority. And this is a fun way to play if you are having a good run. I've walked out with $1,400 just on accumulated little wins.

Leave on any big win

If you have a big win, even on the start-up phase just leave. I hit the exit on all big wins, it just let me keep all of it. I like walking away a winner. If you can't then fractionalize and leave if the fraction is spent, don't keep spending.
Just remember this rule - stay and play and it will take it away.

Frequency equals loss at a Casino, it's a no brainer but for my system I like to have that right in front of me. Get any kind of big-pot win it's best to leave and enjoy that money. No sense winning if you are just going to spend it there so the final tip is walk away a winner!
Other little strategies include what I call a break. I usually do this if I have $50 and don't want to loose it all. If the first $25 is all loss, I'll cut my losses and leave until the next time I get paid. Generally if it's $20 I don't break at $10. The reason to have a break is when you do have a nice win, and you want to play on some of that winnings for example. I win $600 and put $500 away so now I have $100 to play on. But by $50 down if it's not paying back I break and leave. So the break strategy is good otherwise it's $100 instead of $50. It's more psychological because I could just say I'm ok with loosing $50 but without a break, I'll lose it. With the break I'll play with fifty, lose $25 and feel good about myself for leaving with $25 and think wonders of myself for doing the right thing.

So the strategy is not about what machine to play, how much to bet it's all about making a little bit of your money and turning it into a lot of casino money. And this comes with making all the dumb mistakes we all do in the beginning. Not having a budget, not respecting the dangers of a casino, thinking a win is just around the corner when it's not. In the end the goal is always to walk away a winner. Even if it's your bankroll or $20...

Casino System Summary

Small Budget$20-$50 (break at $50).
Low FrequencyCouple times in a month or less if losing. A little more if winning but not much.
Play on StartupAlways try to play on Casino money and lock away your budget regardless if start-up is gone.
Don't Spend Your BankrollAlways subtract bankroll from startup.
Fractionalize The Start-upIf you have a moderate win, put most of it away and play on a fraction of the start-up.
Tuck Away Little WinsAlways put the majority of a win away 10%-20% rule.
Leave on Big WinsOn a good win, leave the casino mission accomplished. Take time off and enjoy the extra cash.
Have a BreakOn start-up or a larger budget leave if you can't win by your break so you at least leave with something.
Walk Away A WinnerAlways best to leave with money right? Just remember, stay and play and it will take it away.
Without Law-of-Attraction I found playing with that system made going to the casino entertaining, I didn't always run out the door broke because of it. And the small wins paid for dinners, movies, nights out which is why I tolerated the casino in the first place and why my budget was always very small.

No matter what, a Casino isn't there for anyone to make money. I have watched people throw thousands of dollars in a machine just to win a fraction back, then to throw that in and lose it all. I've watched people win a nice mid-range pot only to throw it all back at a machine.

Now on to 2014 with Law-of-attraction and Thought-Manifestation.

Why do I think this is what produced these results? It's the only thing that has changed in the equation. This was a good test for me to see if the law-of-attraction even worked. I needed tangible results not some fluffy belief. Show me the evidence. But I have observed other key points in my life where future events seemed to synchronize with a past desire be it good or bad. Sometimes it was to uncanny to ignore.

The other problem that I have is related to deja-vu. Quite often I've had deja vu but linked the memory to past dreams which were the source of the future events this is known as Deja Reve. What I've done with that is even more amazing then this law-of-attraction experiment. I've written a paper called, "The Theory of Precognitive Dreams" which covers it's history, research, evidence and my own personal experiences with it. If you are in doubts, here is a great news article on the topic with another person who has had it verified many times over.

This precognitive potential occurs in many peoples lives often mistaken for deja vu - where some have enough memory to see the link to the dream. If you are like that... this PDF is invaluable and best of all, 100% free to just download and learn from.

Here is the link: The Theory of Precognitive Dreams
My point, the answers to why law-of-attraction works and why we can have deja vu reside in a much more deeper idea regarding the fundamental nature of reality then what most people are used to. Where precognitive dreaming can be active in accessing/manifesting future events see the pdf. It requires training in lucid dreaming, the ability to navigate the dreamstate and the ability to control dream content.

The Law of Attraction is done when you are awake, it is a thought exercise of focusing your intent for a desired outcome. They have some self-similar properties however in helping someone achieve certain life experiences so in many ways can go hand-in-hand. But enough about precognition and more about the Law of Attraction and Thought Manifestation.

The Law of Attraction works both ways for positive and negative experiences. We all use it on auto-pilot and it's until you start to see results in your own life does it become apparent as in my 2014 Casino exercise that in a directed way positive results can come forward more than the negative.

What I've learned is it's not about trying, forcing, expecting rather the passive qualities of "allowing one-self to experience" is what I find works best for me.

"I am allowing myself to experience what it is like to win at the casino".

"I am allowing myself to experience what it's like to succeed at business."

The next step is visualization, day dreaming of the desired outcome charging it with the allowing, the permission and then finally letting it go so it can manifest.

That in a nutshell is the simplest form of law-of-attraction and thought-manifestation by using intent and visualization. The rest is up to how these are permitted to unfold in the future.

My thoughts on why having other people involved seems to cause more losses. This is just an idea but I think when we are working in this area of belief and thought-manifestation, having another person who may not share that same focus could negate it. We may have individual and group manifestation so if there is discontinuity in the group the effects ground out the intent at the individual level. Some of this idea stems from group events which Dean Radin has studied where in group events changes spike in RNG. Casino's are RNG and if our mass consciousness affects them as per Dean Radin's research this might be why. So I don't object to going at it alone because of this particular possibility. Here is Dean Radin's results with group consciousness affecting RNG patterns: Physical effects of collective attention at Burning Man 2013
Hope you found this article interesting, you have nothing to lose by learning new things about yourself and the best part is... this life learned bit of wisdom is free so just take it and run with it.

If you've had any success with Law-of-attraction, or have precognitive dreams, or have tried my strict casino system and it worked I would love to hear from you. Just e-mail me at: or visit my website at

Here is a video where I discuss precognition.

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